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dr octavius better shape up , or im ge tting a 2nd octo


Aug 21, 2004
i cant do it anymore
he has one more week to start becoming more enteraining.

osr I am going to try another octo and hope I get one that is not as shy and likes to explore.

I have my moments where I think he is awesome.
but the fact is , is that ive had him since deceember and he is as borign as they day i got him.

now he hides wehre I cant even see him.

i know octos arent instant satisfaction, but ive had him since decemember, and when people come over I cant show them because he is not around.

so I hope to get a more intresting one.

like some say they will follor their fingers on the outside of the glass.

mine doesnt run from me at all.
but he sure doesnt come out when i come up to the tank.
Maybe octopuses are like people: you can learn to accept one for who it is, or you can bounce through dozens looking for one that you think is "perfect."

i just dont want anyone accusing me of being the type that wants instant satisfaction , thats not it

its just i get sad when i get on here and people are talkign about their octos playing with things and going all over the place and now i never even see mine.

. i mean i u nderstand differenet ones have different personalities, so im going to try and get another hoping for a chance of a better personality

A lot of the point of having an octopus is for you to learn from him by careful observation. It's a very rewarding experience. Obviously your octo comes out some because you posted the video.

You should examine your tank for reasons your octo doesn't come out more - such as that damsel.

Octos do different things at different ages. My little briareus wouldn't come out at all at 4 months. They will play with you more as they get closer to adulthood.

An octopus is quiet much of the time. They aren't active like some fish or other animals. A lot of the time you just need to be content knowing your octo is there, or seeing it sitting in a cave. If this bothers you, then maybe an octo isn't the right pet for you.

Damsel is a good idea (removal)

I have had to remove a damsel because it was making a territory display infront of my bimac.

One way you might 'train' your octopus to be more extroverted is to put a small glass jar in the aquarium. Then when you feed it put the feed in the jar. This work really well with clams and crabs but fish and shrimp of course might get out quickly.

I'll bet your octo will associate you messing with the jar as dinner time and come out to invistigate the jar when you are near the tank after a week or two of this.

good luck!

i talked to an old high school buddy and he got him self an octo as well, and he says his is out all the time,

but he said he has it in a 40 gallon tank, and only one piece of live rock with one cave in it.

maybei need to put mine in a smaller tank i mean hes in a 240 and there is rock work, cn caves everywhere,

hes probably afraid to go exploring in fear of a animal popping out and eating him.
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