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Donax(periwinkles) clams for Cuttlefish/Octopus


Jun 1, 2005
I live on the east coast of Florida and am amazed at the amount of periwinkles / Donax clams on the beach. I'm sure Octopus will eat them, but ya think Cuttlefish will dig for them in the sand in my tank? Could be a good source of food for the little guy and probably some sort of entertainment for him as I am trying to make a living!
I get about 25 per handful of sand off my beach, free food! Good article below.

A New-Old Species For The N. E. Florida Checklist
i dont thank it will, sry but my cuttle has not made any intrest in any type of clam or snail. but i believe you are getting an oficiallis, so it might, but i doubt it, but if you live in fla, you will have fiddler crabs, which i know they will eat
My cuttles only ate small fish (minnow size) and shrimp. The prey had to move for the cuttle to be interested. I eventually got my cuttles to eat dead shrimp out of my hand, so you could try snails and clams once yours are big enough to eat dead food...
I doubt the cuttle would eat dead food, however. You could try waving it around or swooshing it around on a feeding stick....that might get it interested and recgonise it as food.

BTW, double post from cuttlegirl.
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