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Nov 19, 2002
A long, long, very long time ago I used to work on octopus and in 1999 published a memoir on the New Zealand fauna. In the process of compiling this memoir I travelled quite a lot, and on 29/09/1994 I found myself in Santa Barbara looking at specimens of Benthoctopus in the collections of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

I drew many specimens as accurately as I could, pencil on vellum. The plates are ~ 28 x 21.5cm in dimension.

Well, I find myself relocating offices, and in need of a cleanout.

The sketches are actually quite nice. They are covered in my notes for each specimen. One of the species is Benthoctopus robustus; the other two are of likely new species (that have yet to be described).

If anyone is interested in a little O'Shea artwork on their walls (with a white card background they look quite sensational; the dark pics here are because I'm in an office with a camera without flash), they are welcome to the set of 3 at US$300. The monies would go to my research trust fund (and allow us to buy a few more things for the ceph research). I'll even sign them if you like. Drop me a pm if you're interested, and I'll send much higher res pics through, with much better lighting.


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This is quite interesting, I must admit, speaking of money, I'm also rasing funds for a tank for a buy and release program..Buy from the supermarket and release into the wild, note that we usually have live animals in markets not frozen ones. :roll:
Hey Steve, just running an idea by may not be interested. I've been selling on Ebay for years...was an antique dealer when eBay first started up. Anyway, I've done a lot of research and found a person with your clout and background should be able to get a wonderful response with your drawings. You'd dredge up more unknown fans than you could know of. Have you tried it or thought about an auction house yet?? I'd buy them myself...if you hang onto them for another few months I'd be able to. Fantastic illustrations...very nice, I can just picture them framed, very cool. Of course you'd have to sign them, it's your work! If you haven't been introduced to eBay, I'd be more than glad to help you with any info. you'd need in getting those listed to raise money for your research...I'd write it up myself if you have no time. A very worthy cause from a talented guy, very collectible item you have there...originals from a fascinating mind.
I agree with darquerift. Selling some properly signed/labelled of those on eBay is likely to result in a fair amount of cash. Will definately hassle Master O next time :biggrin2:

I don't think you could command too much for these pics ... they're a pretty specialised market. I do have most of the original inkings from years ago, some taking 150+ hours to complete, that are pretty stunning. You'd never do this for a 'living', you'd be working 10 cents an hour, so I'd sooner hold on to them than onsell (one day frame and stick on a wall). I look at them myself and thing 'my word, did I once have that patience'.
Oh poo, just did a search on Ebay for Steve O'Shea, was curious if anything newsworthy was up. I found one listing...A CD collection of Celtic Irish Pub songs done by Steve O'Shea?? LOL!!! I'm definately off to bed and will stop my rambling.

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