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I have used a small amount of it to try to encourage seahorses in QT/hospital tank to eat but have never heard of using it for ich. I am not sure what an over dose would do to the water/oxygen though.
Ya it's like a natural immune system booster (or something like that) and it's supposed to help the fish fight off parasites. It's a pretty common thing now, you should look around a little and you will probably find people talking about it for treatment. It's popular because you can treat it right into the show tank and it's safe to use with corals. It's also an appetite stimulator.
Yea, that is pretty much my take on it but I did try it since seahorses being treated with Diamox loose their appetite and you may loose them to starvation in stead of the GBS you were treating. I do, on the other hand, enrich with Beta Glucan and include it in our vitamins when it is flu season :roll:

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