Does anyone know where I could get a Octopus wolfi

that is pretty small.... i found ML ~1.5cm.... and from the Phillipines i think.... that one would probably be a tough order....
think you are going to have a hard time getting that species specific with a dwarf octo, unless you go collect it yourself...and the Phillipines are not a safe place to be at the moment...
Your best bet would be to go to every lfs that sells live rock, and leave a photo with your number on it...that way, if they get in any Phillipino rock, and there is a dwarf octo hitching a ride, they could give you a call.
we used to just leave the octos in the reef tanks, but then cephophiles started leaving phone numbers, and would drop everything to come down and grab them.
good luck!!!
:welcome: to!!

Sorry but its going to be real hard to acquire a particular species of dwarf octo, they're often hard to identify and even harder still when they're moving around in a reef.
O. wolfi is fairly easy to collect from French Polynesia to Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines. I just came back from Moorea yesterday and collected several O. wolfi in a week. They are common in rubble from just inside the reef crest back on the reef flat to a depth of about 3 m. I have found them in similar fringing reef habitats in the very low intertidal to just subtidally in Bunaken, Sulawesi and Lizard Island, Queensland. This is not a particularly robust species in the aquarium, although you can certainly keep them for a few months. They mate by males mounting females (or other males) and have some neat color displays. Also, in this species the males have stellate suckers near the tips of the arms. I also found O wolfi like animals living at 30-40 m off the fore reef in Moorea. I'm pretty sure it is a different species.


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