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diy protien skimmer pictures

Feb 24, 2005
here are the pictures of my skimmers that ive built
these are for the person who emailed me the other day but others are free to copy the skimmers or post pics of their own which i would like to see. the first set is of the skimmer on my 75 gallon which is now a reef tank but used to be the octo tank.


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now for some of my big skimmer on my 125. this one is made with 6 inch pipe for the body which is about 3 feet tall with a top about another foot or so


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I presume you're using the ball valve right at the sump water level to control the level inside the skimmer?

How did you determine the dimensions for the mixing chamber/throat? Trial and error?

yeah to the ball

i just guessed at first but later i discovered that the throat had to be tall enough to funnel the bubbles and also be tall enough to set the water level about 2 inches from the top. but for 50 bucks this thing works better than any store bought skimmer ive seen and i used to work at a fish store

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