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Jul 24, 2003
Am currently planning a DIY chiller with a mini beer fridge.


Flexible pipework
1 mini fridge (capacity 4 litres)
1 power head
temp controller (made by habistat)
1 heater
electric timer

1)fridge lowers temp to 20degrees below ambiant room temp, no control.
2)fridge can run for 10hrs maximum period before damage occurs.

Plan to have a thermostat that has a min/max control if tank too hot turns on powerhead to feed water into fridge, comes back out and into tank.

If it chills too much heater will come on.

Dont know if fridge will cool enough, there only £12 at mo so gunna buy one more today.

Timer will ensure fridge can only run for maximum of 8 hours, if 1 fridge is effective i could set it up so 1 runs day and other runs night when apartment gets far too hot in height of summer.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

Cool...I have a neat magazine with a hobbyist in Japan who has a similar arrangement...unfortunately, I can't read japanese... :sad: so I end up just looking at the pictures. (hey, didn't my dad use that excuse too?)

Keep posting as to progress...the "Scouse-inator" sounds like a great project!

:lol: :lol:

Well developments ....I thought one mini fridge might not do so went to get another an they only had a 14/15 litre one so got that, then if that doesnt work I can add the mini one to help

will get crackin...... :madsci:

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