Did you get a ceph-related gift for the holidays?

Nope not a thing! :frown:

Actually, Im glad in a way, how many pairs of octopus picture socks do I need anyway?? LOL
:x :x :x :x GRRRRRRRRR... no I did not get anything even remotely related!!! Even an octopus shaped back massager would have been appreciated lol :lol:
But that is okay I quite lucked out all the same!!!!!

No, but I GAVE my infant son an octopus mobile for his carrier. Its an octopus, with a fish, seastar, and crab hanging from the arms. I should have him classifying them by phyla probably in about a year or so... :P

Sushi and Sake,


Oh, and Happy Holidays!

I received a purple and blue glass octopus ormanent - although it should be a setapod as he had one broken leg. My friend couldn't find a whole one :o
apparently my family has been on the watch for ceph items for sometime... i received several, then went to a flea-market and found more.
such a junkie... :nautilus: :octopus: :squid: :roll:
depends..... i got the magnificent ~20#, two volume Complete Far Side.... volume one has a good number of ceph cartoons.... (and yes im slowly making a list) i must take my time.... on the 26th i sat down and read both volumes.... probably not healthy but very enjoyable....

oh, and my friend gave me another plush octo when she got back from hawaii....

I truly lucked out. I have a great relationship with the local pet store, and I am their resident vet. I usually stop in 2-3 times a week to see if any of their animals need any care.

Anyway... they all knew I have been planning on getting an octopus for a while and have been doing my research. They bought me a tank, cabinet, and canopy, and convinced their Hagen rep to donate most of the other supplies needed.

I had already purchased a 125 gallon wet/dry with a refugium and a Prism Pro Skimmer, so I should have my octo tank set up and running within 2 weeks. (With the addition of a Fluval 404 canister filter --- can't really have too much filtration, right?)

I couldn't be more pleased or touched.

Sincerely thankful,
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