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Did i do this right!!!


Jul 11, 2003
Hey everyone, i just bought a protein skimmer (AquaC Remora). I know that the help u can give me are very limited on this so i dont expect much, but if there is anything that u can tell me about the setup of my skimmer would be appreciated.

p.s- i used a Maxi-Jet 1200 pump.
as i haven't used that model im not 100% but it does look like you set it up properly...

let me guess the next question though!!!! LOL

It wont produce a decent amount of bubbles and waste until it is broken in. That means that if you switch it on, for a few days it will bubble away and no skimmate will be produced, that's mostly because there isn't actually very much to take out the water. A skimmer comes into its own in a tank that has cycled and that has livestock in it. Your mollies are too small to make much of an impact on a skimmer.

So, you dont even need to switch it on just now as we are only just cycling the tank... however, i think this is a really important piece of equipment and it will save you at some point :smile:
thanks for the input :biggrin2: (lol good call on the question i was gonna ask!). I have my skimmer on right now and it makes alot of noise and there are a countless number of tiny bubbles in my tank (i THINK that is to be expected) :?: .
Anyways im leaving for a one week vacation tomarow. Do i need to worry about someone watching my tank at this point in the "process"?
How about my fish will they need feeding while i am gone?
Should i leave my skimmer on to get it broken in?

A little off the topic but... I bought a magnetic algae scrubber today and i was wondering if it is cool if i leave one piece of it in the water? the directions say to keep it "moist"

Things in tanks

I would not leave things in that are not serving a useful purpose (sorry, gnomes :x :bonk: etc.). Something could leach out or get chewed, and magnets in particular will corrode if exposed to water!
Just a note on the bubbles escaping into the tank...I know that's a problem some folks have with skimmers. THankfully, as far as I know, it's not actually a PROBLEM...but some folks don't like little bubbles clinging to the live rock and such. I don't know about the Remoras, but some skimmers such as my Bak-Pak come with optional attachments meant to prevent bubbles from leaking out. One way or the other, I'm sure you can cut down on the bubbles if they're annoying you.

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