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Apr 18, 2004
i built a coil denitrator according to some plans found at reef central and also spread throughout the web!!

i got lots of dirty looks and warning from some people who didnt think they worked but some people swore by them

i built it only two weeks ago!!! and this morning i decided to see if the bacteria had started colonising yet - as it was water dripping out of the tubing tested 0ppm for nitrate!!! wow that was quick it has only been running for 11 days!!! i wasnt expecting that

i think the reason for such quick colonisation is because i seeded it with some sugar ( sucked into the tube ) and an idea of my own - put cycle (live bacteria) straight down the tube rather than into the tank - in a 600 litre tank i calculated it will take around 50 - 70 days for all my water to pass through it but i cant wait!!! :smile:
Well, of course they work...basically a bacterial still ! (hmm...wonder what kind of beer that would put out???)
The only problem is, are they all the right kind of bacteria...???? Sounds like you are off to a great start though...keep us posted !
thats kind of what i was thinking when they were telling me they dont work - if it is still and o2 deprived, then anaerobic bacteria will thrive

what do you mean the right kind? they ate all the nitrate so thats good right!
Now, don't forget to add the Hopps...our first batch of "Tonmo" beer !!! Tony'll be rich in no time ! :biggrin2:

i got a bit ahead of myself and tried to turn the drip rate up to 2 drips a second - of course this completely wiped out the anaerobic bacteria!!! :x :oops: :bugout:
Well, thats a bummer...but mistakes are just part of the learning bit, right? You might want to think about writing up an article for Tonmo about the whole thing...that way the rest of us who try it will be able to find our way through the mystery too ...
Well, you'd have to talk to a moderator or the supreme being (Tony) about the rules and regs...maybe get a hold of the guy or gal who designed it and ask if it's ok to talk about their design...most enthusiasts are quite willing to have info shared, that's what this is all about, right?
Be sure to include your mistakes as well as your successes, we all make them, and this whole operation is just a learning phase !

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