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cuttlefish eggs


Blue Ring
Jan 7, 2003
ok i check the cuttlefish husbandry place online because this morning i seen a cluster of dark grape looking things on a plant in my tank. My conclusion is that my cuttlefish is a she and layed eggs. Now do they lay eggs that might not be fertile(like birds). I also read they mate in the winter. And thats when i got her. So might i have some babys in the future? Or is it a possiable no. Also will she die now like octopus. I currently dont know what to do. If they only lay eggs when there fertile then im going to get a set up going for them and start getting a food source. Good news is that my 2.5 gallon tank has a colony of isopods growing and it sayed that they can be used as food. I just got to mass produce them faster. I know Colin knows alot about cuttlefish and i hope someone can help. Thanks :biggrin2:
Colin's definitely the cuttle expert, but I'll take a minor stab here...

DARK grapelike things? I haven't seen ceph eggs, so far, that are dark-colored. That doesn't by any means imply they AREN'T eggs...I haven't seen many ceph eggs period! :P Are you familiar with bubble algae? I have some of those which are very dark green and round, and I guess can cluster.

Any photo possible? That would help.

what ive read is that the cuttlefish injects ink into the eggs for camoflaze. Its way to big and develop way to fast for algae. So i believe its eggs. I cant tell you how many because when i noticed them this morning i was heading to school and im still here

You are right about the ink in the egg. Thats what they do for camouflage.

Most octopuses can store sperm for a long time an dthen the female can lay the eggs. However, I havnt read that about cuttlefish but i do think it is possible...

Yeah, Im afraid that she will probbaly die quite soon, perhaps within a week or two, lets hope the eggs are viable!

man thats a downer. i really like her. I hope they are viable. Ive read they will hatch in 50 days and ive read 3-5 months. I dont know which to believe?Well i hope they are ill have 15 cuttlefish swimming around. Now that will be an exsperience of a life time.
Its temp. dependent

if it is warm water they hatch sooner... so both answers are right. What temp is your tank?
Help is on the way friend. Cuttlefish eggs are indeed in a cluster of up to 20 and are grape like. Usually attached to something. If they deflate they are no good but good chance for live birth if they are inflated. Definitely sooner than 3-5 months. Put the clutch in a good water flow area because that is very good for development. As the eggs become clearer you will see little babies moving around inside. That also means they are closer to hatching. If you are needing more info on food souces and care let me know. Best of luck.

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