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cuttlefish and octopus tank

I would be very interested in hearing one of our experienced Cuttle breeders opinion on how long your tank should cycle for before purchasing Cuttles for it.

I'm in the same boat as you; researching and looking to start my setup, but I doubt uit would be wise for either of us to buy Cuttles before the tank has cycled with live rock, etc for months, at least.
Hard to tell. I would want a cycled tank, but how long is that really? Most reefers will tell you that a tank hasn't really stabilized for 5 or 6 months even though it may have cycled in two.

BTW, Michael... I got your pm's just been busy! I'll answer them in the morning!
No problemo, thanks for the clarification.

The book I've been reading says 6-12 months, depending on the setup, I just wanted to save our new friend (and his potential Cuttles) some heartache.

For anyone not familiar with keeping saltwater tanks, I suggest you grab a good book and read it cover to cover. Believe it or not the Saltwater tanks for dummies isn't all that bad and will give you a decent overview. I very much suggest you understand what you are getting into before getting into it as making the effort to do things right from the beginning will save you time, money, frustration and animals lives.

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