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Cuttle Surprise

Aug 11, 2012
Just wanted to give a quick update on Little Guy. Although he has shown interest (and even tried one once) he just will not eat frozen shrimp. The one time he did grab one he spat it out after a second or two and had what I would call a little temper tantrum… was actually quite funny. He is like Gollum…. If its not raw and wriggly he thinks its nasty.

So I have given in and am doing a total live diet… so far I have tried guppies, cheap chromis, fresh/marine shrimp, and fiddler crabs.

Without a doubt if I were to pick one live food I would pick the fiddlers. Little Guy seems to enjoy the hunt (even if it does only take a minute) as well as being satisfied with only one or maybe two. He will easily eat 10-15 1” shrimp or 2 chromis/5 guppies in a sitting then be hungry the next morning but with the crabs he will eat 1 or 2 and then hide out for a good day.

Currently his diet consists of about 7 fiddler crabs a week along with a treat of a few guppies or a chromis on the weekend (he really likes the fish because they take up to 20 minutes to hunt).

When I count in shipping for the crabs total food cost has stabilized to about $15 per week. Less than I spend on Bagels for my team each week… plus I get far more enjoyment out of feeding Little Guy a crab than I do out of feeding an engineer a bagel.

One thing I do find interesting is that Little Guy and the long spine urchin seem to have a thing. If little guy is not on his rock he is with the Urchin… sometimes even within the spines. When he moves toward the urchin it will part its spins and let him in. Do cuttlefish and urchins have some kind of pseudo symbiotic relationship in the wild? I could not find any reference to such a thing on the Google machine.

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