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cuttle reaction to changes in light.

Aug 15, 2005
i was wondering if cuttles have night vision abilities and/or the ability to dicern amounts of light (shadows).

the main reason i was asking is last night i was walking past my tank when the lights were all off in the tank and only a small lamp on the other side of the room was on. as i walked past the tank my cuttle inked and i guess i must have frightened it. The only thing is that it was very dark if i had not been paying attention to the lil guy as i walked buy i would never had seen it. so do cuttles have night vision or could he just see my shadow as i walked in front of the tank.
Also creatures that inhabit water often react to vibration even if they can't see what creates it. Your footsteps combined with low visibility would be enough to make him defensive as he couldn't see whether you were friend or foe. They're a little different, I know fish do this all the time.

It may also have vision that is triggered by movement. I believe (although anyone can step in here and correct me!!) that many predators do and that this is quite sensitive even in low light conditions!

some speculation anyway!

I beleive that by walking infront of the light, it created a flash effect to him, which just caught the little guy off guard and starteled

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