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Cuttle names


May 15, 2003
Hey I just realised my cuttle still doesnt have a name. I know something like this came out before. Hope someone out there will come out with the perfect name. To help out he is VERY tame and like all cephs perpetually hungry.he doesnt like fish but loves crabs and shrimp.
im getting sick of vertical horizon(friend of mine who knows nuts about ceph and keeps stealing my videos claiming he uses his own digi cam on my cuttle :x ) Gump sounds like forest gump......then again maybe ill take Zoidberg no Dr, just Zoidberg. After all his nose does look like a bunch of tentacles.
How about Balrog or Smaegal?

Lord of the Rings seems to an excellent source of names!
well i cant seem to catch the storyline of lord of the rings,so i wont name him that. From this moment forth my cuttle shall be known as ZOIDBERG
"Sure you can name your cuttle Zoidberg, If you should want there to be a recession" :smile:

and i guess i'll throw in a real quote:

"You posers! I hated Zoidberg before it was cool!" :smile:

I'm a small fan of the show

:cthulhu: :heart: :beer:
there was actually a futurama episode where the cast all got made younger by one of the Prof's experiments. The humans all got made into kids and zoidberg was a cuttlefish!!!!!

Okay, so i dont know here the claws came from, but that's proof enough for me LOL
I've always thought that the Guild Navigator in the Dune movie was very Cuttle-like but I can't for the life of me seem to recall what it's name was in the book....

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