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Cuttle Names

I named ny first "Scuttle", but after he passed away said I would never name another.

Well, after raising 40 odd S Bandensis, I thought I could stick to that thought, but I have become attached to a little guy who has an eye deformity (althought doesn't hamper him at all).

He's always the friendliest and first to come greet me when the rest of my guys are waiting to creep out of hiding. I knew I'd get attached again!!
I have a 'no names policy' too LOL I guess it gets as personal as, 'that cuttle there'
Perhaps I ought to explain myself. I believe that Ithkarsus would be a good name for a cuttlefish/octopus/ or even squid(mostly squid but cuttlefish is second-closest, and nobody is able to keep INDIVIDUAL-- re. Dr. SOS --squid), because that's the name of a character in a book I read. (Ithkarsus was an enormus sentient "Kraken"(gigantic squid-like creatures who could utilize some psionic abilities), who guarded a vortex of ungodly power called "the shadaar pool". Very fitting if you ask me.)

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