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cuttle for reef tank?

Jun 28, 2004
Hi all
It's been a while since my last post. I set up a 450 gallon reef tank with a 300 gallon sump and 90 refugium. It's been up and running now for about 7 months and the corals are doing well.I would like to put a cuttle in it. Any suggestions?
Instead of typing and reposting all this stuff I'm putting a link to reeflounge.com. I have detailed info and pics from purchase to stocking of fish. You'll have to join reeflounge to see the pics but it's free. I put tonmo.com in a post there the other day. Someone was asking questions about "cuddlefish"
so I sent them over here....

I had "Bill" (a bandensis cuttlefish) in my frag tank. I had xenia, tridacna, mushrooms, zoas, and a spotted manadrin.

Only problem--It would really limit your choice in fish. Normally people want all the little fish filtting about. The cuttle would hunt them down and eat everylittle jawfish, goby, etc. Soemone said that manadrins are poisonous and that is why he wasn't eaten, but I hadn't heard that before.

A bunch of cuttles would be very interesting and wouldn't hurt the corals, but it depends what is important to you.
Here are a few pics of my tank. The link i posted show alot of info.


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and a few more, these ones are a little older...


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Thank you. It was quite the project for me. I had a 90gal reef for about two years prior. I did all the plumbing, etc myself. It was alot of work but it has been fun. I've made a few changes to my set up since the last set of photos. I didn't particularly like the way I plumbed the the 'fuge. It wasn't getting enough flow and if I opened the valve I got a toilet flush from the overflows and tons of bubbles. so last weekend I redid the plumbing and the overflows from the main tank go straight to the sump and I have the 'fuge being fed by a mag18 which is generating so much more flow than before and it's alot quieter. I also added a 27 inch Fluidized Media chamber from My Reef Creations and am running TLF hydrocarbon2 in that. I had had too much organics in the water and the skimmer wasn't getting it all. Now that I'm running the carbon the skimmer is producing more skimmate than ever. My corals are opening up better and my macro in the 'fuge is starting to grow again.

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