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cuttle coughing


May 15, 2003
My cuttle has been 'coughing' these tiny white rings after eating. I was thinking they could be part of the cuttle's suckers. Out of curiosity :heee: , does anyone know what the rings Really are and why the cuttle does this :?: . I havnt read or heard of this behaviour before. :?

its quite common and almost a daily occurence that octopus and cuttlefish do; that is they shed the skin off the end of the suckers and you can commonly see the cuttles 'coughing' to shake them off and with octos its more of a frantic kind of arm rubbing over their mantle.

Dont worry about it other than the cutte disks clogging a filter or similar.

What species do you have and have you got any pics? cuttle keepers are few and far...

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I vaguely recollect seeing my cuttlefish coughing out a mucous ring, which was made more visible by the small bits of food stuck in it. Seemed quite a deliberate act, like a cough, and then a pause as if the cuttlefish wanted to see how good a ring it had blown!
thanks for the advice Colin and Mike, feel much better now.I have no idea what species of cuttle this is. I cant seem to be able to add an attachment :?: so i guess the pic will have to wait. Are there any cuttle species from around my area(Singapore)? Thanks in advance for the help.

Re: adding an attachment:

:smile: When you reply, click the "Add an Attachment" button, and the page will reload with more options. Then click the Browse button to locate and select the file on your hard drive. Then click the "Add Attachment" button (as opposed to Add an Attachment :roll: ). Click the "preview" button to see if all looks right, then submit!
Let me know if this helps!
After browsing, i add the attachment the window reloads and the fields go blank.I submit the post and theres no attachment :?: :?: :?: Ill try again sometime soon
Approximate size and general appearance? I believe there are several species of Sepia in your part of the world but it would be hard to narrow it down w/out a description
could be latimanus????? maybe esculenta... we'll have a better idea if it reaches 2 foot long LOL
those were my tentative guesses as well (S. latimanus and S. esculenta), altho the size was a matter of concern if it was latimanus altho it could always be young. How old is it, do you think? Also, it looks like I'm going to be going to Singapore in august - any interesting Cephalopod related things I should do there or aquariums?

Well good for you. There are plenty(nearly too much) of aquariums here, 1 good one for marine fish and inverts is Reborn aquarium and supplier. Its pretty run down and looks small from front, but when you go in, youll see how big it is.
:grad: If youre looking for cephs, go to reborn on wednesdays at around 6pm they should have a few cuttles(about five) and octos(about 10).
Theres another place called Sealife aquarium. I have never been there but L S said he/she bought her/his nautilus there and that they have cuttles too. You should ask L S too.
The Underwater world is nice, However the only cephs the have are cuttle(quite large and look just like Colin's). They had blue rings and other octos some time ago but when i went last week they were gone :?:
Well if you wanna know more just PM me or L S
Hi Saul

sorry if i doubled up on your post with S. latimanus and S. esculenta... can be hard to keep-up here at some times :smile: LOL

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