Cuttle colors research paper

Hmmm, a research paper...

Hello :biggrin2:

I suppose you have checked the "Cephalopod behaviour" by Hanlon and Messenger already. If not, maybe that's a good book to start your search...

The following papers may also be of interest:

"Cuttlefish camouflage: visual perception of size, contrast and number of white squares on artificial checkerboard substrata initiates disruptive coloration" by Chuan-Chin Chiao and Roger T. Hanlon, The Journal of Experimental Biology 204, 2119-2125 (2001)... This is cool and has some nice pictures.

Then I also know of a paper called "Cuttlefish Body Patterns as a Behavioral Assay to Determine Polarization Perception" by MM Grable, N Shashar et al, J. Exp. Biol (this paper is available as PDF... use Google)

Another: "Identifying the structure in cuttlefish visual signals" by Crook, Baddeley et al., Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond, 2002 .

So you see, no book but plenty of papers dealing with camouflage in cuttlefishes. I hope that was sort of helpful...

Best regards and good look with your research paper,

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