Cthylla's still alive and still greedy


Blue Ring
Mar 30, 2005
I've been pretty busy lately, but I just wanted to drop everyone a quick update on my lovely bimac. Cthylla is still doing quite well. She's grown to about a 3 inch mantle length now, and has become so aggressive in going after her food that I'm actually afraid to leave my hand in there. She might not give it back. :smile:

Yesterday, I was using a toothbrush to clean the intake on the water pump, and she decided that whatever it was in my hand was far too interesting for me to be allowed to keep. She pounced on the brush and was so determined to keep it that I finally gave up and let her have it, hoping that she'd get bored and drop it in a few minutes. Nope. She was so enamored with it that she almost dropped the crab she had in her mouth from a few moments before. She tried to drag it into her den and stayed wrapped around it for almost the entire day. Silly thing. :smile:
Thanks for the update and glad to hear that Cthylla's doing well.

Octos are so funny when they find an object they like!


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