Cthonic Art

Oh, not always a problem -- exploration is great!

Here's another Cthulhu that resulted from Exploration of brush blending modes, layer merging, and lighting effects.


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Not strictly Cthonic, but here are some rock textures I made pretty quick in Photoshop:


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You're making me embarrassed that my playing around with photoshop only produced the dragon I use as my avatar. Of course, photoshop has progressed a bit since 1991, but even so, my art skillz pale in comparison. My only solace is that I have a pretty good idea of how photoshop works under the hood...
I love Photoshop -- been using it since it was a pup (89-90?), but there is always more to learn. My boss used to subscribe to 'Layers' magazine, which is fabulous for getting tips on all sorts of things.

It's embarrassing to think you're 'expert' at Photoshop, and then read an article that shows you something so elementary and useful to retouching, you wonder how you managed before you read about it.

The textures and techniques are so addictive -- my week of boredom at work was definitely a learning experience.

One more iteration of the 'graven image' Cthulhu, and I'll move on (no, really!). :oops:


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Cthonic Beer

Greg and I had planned to label some microbrew a mutual friend had made for a party.... never got the chance, but the label was cute:


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This might sound premature, but what if our next Tonmocon was to be fueled by some member's microbrew skillz? Not talking about yours truly, never getting the stuff past customs, but...
Hmmm. My son-in-law brews his own, lives in Santa Cruz, and is a member of Tonmo. He never posts, but he is a member. One year he brought a case of "Angry Squid Ale" when he came for Christmas. I don't drink beer, but by all accounts it was magnificent. I'm not at all sure I could convince him to donate a couple of cases to a tonomocon, but it would be worth a try. He can only make small quantities at a time, and he can't sell it, just give it away for tastings.
It wouldn't cost us a fortune to then have like 250 labels printed, right? Or 500, if Brian (Wells) would show up, or 1250 if I were there as well? Or 2500 in case a certain teuthologist would join the fray?

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