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craw fish a good or a bad idea????


Jun 15, 2005
lol im srry i keep asking all of these questions regaurding octo food but i just wanna make sure i get this right:roll: anyways i read one of the articles and it said octopus could eat crawfish, is that a good idea? cuz if it is thats GREAT!!! it also said younger octopus could eat ghost shrimp. how can you tell how old a octopus is?
Questions are very good! Nothing wrong with that! I have used crawfish as an alternate food but more of a treat than a staple. I cut the pinchers, especially if it's a very young octopus to ensure he doesn't get hurt. Usually you can tell by the octopuses size except if it's a dwarf species. Smaller the younger.

Gost shrimp arnt good for your octopus because they are mostly just fat. Crawfish are ok but not as a main food like Corw314 said.

I often only cut one claw off for a young octopus but I'll have to start cutting all the claws off do to the fact that my octopus is missing two arms :frown: . As long as your food isnt 2x the size of your octopus you shouldent have to cut claws off.
Nini, all these things are relative and require an evaluation of your particular octo's size and the crabs to be fed - I trimmed only the tips of the larger claws on fiddlers when my octo was smaller. Other species of crabs may have larger claws or not.


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