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Cowrie/Cowry Tank Mate

oh god so many questions!!! lol

dunno saw one in the lfs an thought thats what them shells come from an the fellla said it eats algae so....i want one!!

but gotta be sensible, will have a little more research an come back to you with some pics
im lost on this one...keep seein them in shops but dunno what kind they are an cant find anywhere that has pic's

found cowrie pics on a shell website but not sure if they are money ones...they were mainly white.

ones i have saw have been quite leopard skin patterned

anyone got a webpage address with pic's on it??

:alarm: Possible Danger :alarm:

Looks like the venomous one that I picked off the sea floor when I just got my Open Water Scuba Qualification. I almost got killed in the encounter, my adive: Don't go anything that lookd like that.
Since cowries wear a lot of their mantle on the outside of the shell, they are rather subject to being attacked by quite a few things...octos being one of them...you should probably give it a miss.

phheewww close call then!! cheers folks!!

shannen74 wrote:-
Also, unless you want it eaten, I wouldn't recommend it. Our last octo ate our Queen Conch, no problemo.
Holy Batman!! I thought conch's were well hard with that big speary spike thing aswell!!! :shock:
erm well cough got a bit over zealous an bought a huge tiger cowrie yesterday, got a complete bargain and want to give him a good home, may get rid off when i get my octo but thats moons away at the mo, will post a pic very soon

he's very cool :biggrin2:

also got as couple of decorative crabs I will need help with IDing they are very much fish eaters and not reef safe im told but they wont be in there when the octo arrives if thats the case.

lost the two clowns this week to a big heat problem :sad:

do meat eating crabs create much of a bio load?

Sry for ur clowns Scouse... Here are some things you should know.
1) Cowries are NOT venemous!
2)Those would bee cone shells...
3) The olny way to jig for an octopus was invented by the Hawaiins, and it involves the use of a cowrie.
4) They were obviously lying about that last fact because I kept a cowrie or two with my octo and they were not eaten. And it was a Hawaiin Octopus.
5) Good luck! Oh and the octo will ea tthe crabs. (You probally already knew that lol)

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