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could any one id this octo for me please?


Jun 15, 2005
some one wanted to id there octo, but i could not help them,does any one know wut kind of octo this is ,i dont know the size of him for sure,but i believe he is a smaller octo, i really dunno, please help!!!
thanx nini :smile:


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Are there any other pics available, maybe one that showed the false eyespot (those circles you see below and to the side of the eyse)?

Octopus bimaculoides is a small to medium species that can reach adult sizes up to 800g(1.7 lbs) in about a year under ideal conditions of abundant food. If obtained small and fed a modest diet this species will not get very large. This species is somewhat active in daylight hours. They forage in the early evening. This animal is somewhat intermediate with respect to the diversity in its’ range of body patterns and is a quite good at camouflage. This species has a life span of 12 - 18 months depending on temperature.

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