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Apr 20, 2005
hello everyone I have a 30 gallon tank with an octopus I was wondering if I should get some soft corals? also I saw one of the movies on tomo it was squirt but I saw a clownfish in the back was he living with the octopus any info would be great
There is nothing wrong with getting a few burgundy or brown mushrooms, except that you may be wasting your money. Your octo may move them or hide them or run over them. I've found that the larger ones like a lot of light, the smaller ones like a shadier place away from direct currents. One thing about them - they move about on their own.

If you think your tank looks too dull, try shopping for some smaller pretty shells. Take a look at the pics of Carol's tanks (corw314) - she uses a lot of shells.

Don't even consider any type of fish. Octos eat them and they can attack an octopuses' eyes and stress the octo.

hey clownfish, i added some caulerpa to my tank to add a little color. it is growing already and requires very little work was also inexpensive. there are verious colors though im not sure if these are actually a different kind or what. mines called grape caulerpa.
yes thanku cthulhu777, vey informitive. ive only had mine a short while but its keepin the nitraits at an unreadable level. the only problem ive had is with keeping it anchored. the larger strands have shot runners down and are stuck fast to the rocks but some of the smaller peices have floated away.

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