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Considering keeping bandensis in reef tank


Blue Ring
Apr 28, 2006
Hi! I'm new to the forum but happened upon it while researching cuttlefish

I have a slightly sub 100 gallon display tank I will be setting up to join into a 110 gallon system. It's still being built, but I was looking around and noticed these cuttlefish that are only up to 4" long that can be kept in 78-80 degree waters.

The tank is 36" x 25" x 25" and will only have small hermits and a bunch of snails as tankmates. It will also be primarily SPS dominated tank.

Equipment include:
ASM G3 Skimmer
K2R Ca Reactor Setup
Phosphate Reactor
Remote Deep Sand Bed
30G Refugium (mostly chaeto)
250watt HQI + 2x24watt T5 lighting system
About 35x turnover flow.
50-60lbs of live rock in the display
BB or 1/2" aragonite sand

The total system water volume will be near 210 gallons.

So here are my questions:
1. Can I keep bandensis in my disiplay tank happily?
2. How many can I keep comfortably? 2? 3?
3. Where can I find them Captive Bred?
4. What do you feed your bandensis? I know what's recommended, but just wanted to see what people do to feed them.


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