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Cones & Octos...

Sep 25, 2004
A couple o weeks ago I had an octo that got suddenly sick and I had to let him go. Could it be that one of the two cones shells in my tank attacked him?
It could be the highly venemous type, you really might wanna get rid of them before someone or something gets hurt. Some guy got hit by two cones simultaneously and died in 4 seconds, pretty powerful stuff.
No, they are a leopard and herbrew. Not Conus geographus or Conus textile. The reason why these things scare the **** outta me is I did a science project on how deadly they are. Conus leopardus(sp?) and Conus hebrew are a little less deadly....worst part about conotoxins is how they're designed. "Smart toxins", designed to stop electric implulses...more deadly than bluerings actually! You cant use heat either-the toxins are so advanced they aren't just something you could synthesize through a mixture of the ingredients, it's the structure of the molecules, hydrogen bonds, etc. that makes them work(why you cant just mix up a copy)....no cure so far...you'd have a heart attack too if you were in my position...
I read a lot. A LOT. As for what a hydrogen bond is;
hydrogen bond

A chemical bond in which a hydrogen atom of one molecule is attracted to an electronegative atom, especially a nitrogen, oxygen, or flourine atom, usually of another molecule.

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