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Concerned about temp


Sep 21, 2005
Hello. I live in Texas (USA) and my tank runs between 80.8 – 81.3 degrees F. Is this too warm for an Octopus Bimaculoides?

I tried a cuttlefish during August when the tank was about 84 degrees F and the poor guy died after a couple of days. The ammonia, nitrites and nitrates were at zero (PH 8.1, 1.025 Salinity).

Since then, I opened the top and replaced the glass with a plastic, non-toxic screen, turned on the ceiling fan and lowered the thermostat in the house. The temp is constant now (listed above). The cuttle was aquacultured and accustomed to a MUCH lower temp.

I kept an octopus in Thailand successfully (what fun), but haven’t tried in the US. yet. Anyone ever kept Octopus Bimaculoides in 80 degree water?

Total tank volume incuding refugium and sump is 180 gallons. Pump 1100gph, external.
You can also lower the temp by placing a fan blowing on the sump...drops it another two or three degrees, which should get you into the correct temps...80 is kind of pushing it, but might be ok, given that it is summer, and the mud flat octos are used to some warmer water.

I put a fan on the sump, and the tank is down to 79.4 degrees F. It was 100 degrees outside yesterday, and I doubt the tank will go down further than this until things start to cool off outside. It’s 77-78 inside. If 79.4 is the best I can do, what are your feelings about adding a baby octopus now?

In Thailand, the tank was constantly 84-85 degrees. I added a small adult octopus (the kind people catch in the tidal pools near the shore). He lived for an additional 6 months. I’m wondering specifically about what is available to me considering my geographic location (Bimaculoides). I don’t have any experience with this particular species, nor with raising a baby octopus. I’ve been in saltwater for 7 years and am not concerned about getting the Bimac to eat. I’m only a little skittish about the first couple of days and it adjusting to the temp. Your thoughts?
FYI I decided to wait until I get a chiller. I'd rather fill the sump once a week with a closed top, than every other day with the glass off and a fan on the sump. Life is better when you keep it simple. :grin:

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