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Common Octpopus (Octopus vulgaris) Size


Dec 13, 2003

My first octopus died after 9 days in my tank and after refusing to feed, it was a Californian and would apear that owing to its size it nd total lack of interest in all food it may have died purely due to old age.

I am about to order another octopus and was thinking ording a jevenil or small Common Octopus vulgaris, I was wondering on growth rate and full size as I would start off in my 30 gallon tank which is heavy skimmed and filtered and if necessary move up to a 60 or 90 gallon tank that I have in the garage.

Its just the californian is hard to obtain here in the uk, well in good condition and in excess of £50 to buy and after the last one dying I thought a common octopus may be worth a go.

Any ones thoughts as usual would be greatly appreciated



Nov 9, 2003
You're going to need a lot more than 90 gallons. I think 200 might be a good medium size, but it's a pretty large octo when it's full grown. Six to eight feet from tip to tip is going to take up a lot of space, plus the strength will take a lot to contain. Bimacs may be expensive for you up front, but the vulgaris is going to exceed that in food cost.