Colossal Squid (Mesonychoteuthis) Pictures


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Nov 19, 2002
Here are some close-up, more detailed shots of the Mesonychoteuthis than you'll find in the syndicated stories. Unfortunately I can only post three at a time...

These are overviews of the whole animal, and the beak.



Hi Kat and Steve,

BIIIIIIIIIIIG favour to ask :biggrin2:

As you know I work part time at our aquarium and this school holiday (starting 12 April) is called "Aliens of the Sea" We're featuring the weird and wonderful from the ocean and we'd love to print off the photos Kat just posted and use them in displays.................would that be OK???


.... I've no problem - just as long as nobody else proposes to her as a consequence! :biggrin2: ! (nobody has ever proposed to me online before!) :x

....awaiting Kat's verdict on the matter

Just wanted to chime in and say thank you for posting the pictures.

Don't let Peter Benchley see them, though... the last thing we need is a The Beast 2.
Heeey... No Benchley Bashing! :lol:

Really though, "Jaws" was a terrific novel, but even Benchley himself has been saddened by what he viewed as anti-shark backlash due to his creations. I understand though... demonizing such creatures comes from what I think is a deep-seated need the collective unconscious of humanity has for monsters. Beats me as to why, though....

I still wouldn't want to be in the water with a Messie though...

Thankee-sai for the photos, Madame Tintenfisch

Waiting for the Rise of the Squibbons,

that wasnt my intention, but its not a horrible thought....start off with soup and/or salad, then a little fried squid, maybe a pasta, then could finish up with jello shaped like a ceph.... steve and kat certainly have enough tables to seat the entire tonmo community (dont see any chairs though) :smile:
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