Colossal Squid (Mesonychoteuthis) Pictures

Fujisawas Sake said:
So it has headlights too?

Better yet, the headlights are standard -- along with automatic jet drive, glove compartment (complete with ten gloves), state-of-the-art hook traction system, and that wonderful "new squid" smell.

Emergency "Jaws of Life" (beak) are optional and may be purchased for twelve Patagonian toothfishes or one wisecracking Kiwi teuthologist.

(Would you buy a used squid from this woman?)
TaningiaDanae said:
Emergency "Jaws of Life" (beak) are optional and may be purchased for twelve Patagonian toothfishes or one wisecracking Kiwi teuthologist.

(Would you buy a used squid from this woman?)

i think you need to check your currency calculator.... the supply is high, so the price has fallen to 5.5 toothfish or .66 of a dolphin

as for buying from you, i wouldnt know until i get a chance to kick the tentacles....
:) Hi Dr. Bolstad! Great close-up pictures of the colossal squid! I was looking at them with a magnifying glass and the more I looked the more I realized that this creature was suitably adapted for its' function which seems to be one large "killing machine" if you will! Awesome!
What struck me very much was not so much its' massive musculature or the lethal razor-sharp hooks; but, the beak itself--a highly adaptable precise piece of efficiency that nature gave it, wouldn't you say?
If this creatures eats patagonian toothfish for its' meals and attacks sperm whales(as far as we can conjecture)--one can only wonder what else can possibly lurk down in the depths of the ocean?
Kat--thanks for your two previous e mails to me regarding this splendid discovery. Is the necropsy of the specimen still due for May 23rd?
Best Wishes to you all there in New Zealand!
Sincerely yours,
George Vaiciunas, Chicago, Illinois, USA.....
Hi George,
Yes, we are still conducting our next examination of the specimen on 23 May. Discovery (Canada) will be filming [parts of] the process.
Indeed there are bound to be other large squid out there; we know for a fact there's at least one more of similar size, even more poorly known than Mesonychoteuthis. And of course there could be squid so large sperm whales don't even want to tackle them; we would most likely have no record of these, as even the beaks would be unknown (at their larger sizes). :shock:
As an aside, Mesonychoteuthis won't be attacking sperm whales. There's no reason for it to do so; whales are definitely not on the menu for colossal squid, and it's unlikely that Mesonychoteuthis could come out top dog in an aggressive encounter with a fully grown bull sperm whale. But it definitely could impart nasty gouges on its way to becoming dinner.
Thanks for your reply, Kat! What you say definitely makes sense regarding the colossal squid not really wanting to attack a sperm whale and the encounter is most likely to be the other way around...oh yes! I most certainly agree that a bull sperm whale will win the day if an encounter between the two took place and yes, you are right, I do agree that the bull will be scarred from the encounter, no doubt---this is all great reasoned speculation on our part--how I wish we could observe these marine creatures in their natural habitat! That would be wonderful!!
Best Wishes Again,
George V....
Steve, Kat,

If you don't mind the question, are we close to having Mesonychoteuthis officially published yet?

Afraid there's been zip progress on this (and many other things) for months. Seem to have been swamped for an eternity with other matters. The good news is the chaos here is about to end, with official PA assistance coming through in the immediate future (freeing up my time considerably).
try telling them to speed up or theyll "rue the day".....

and as always shake your fist menacingly (in a 1910s sort of way) when you say 'rue the day'

Well, this has now been *photographed* live, and mature (and also video); we're working on getting 'said' pics of the live animal online ..... as in you read it here FIRST ... but beware, it's sad.

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