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Collecting octopus


Pygmy Octopus
Apr 22, 2004
Hey does any one know how i can easily collect (trap??) a small octo for my newly setup 35g tank ( keep in mind that i live in New Zealand and the water is REALLY cold around here and there aren't any reefs) :? :? :?: :?:
it would be tough, if there are any octos around your area, you could try putting small pots into the water which could act as a den for the octos. You could then check it evry now and then to see if theres an inhabitant.
thanks, i know that there are quite a surprising amount of octos in the area as i have been daring enough to go snorkelling around the coast a couple of times, but they are all really big and im looking for some smaller ones.
ive searched all over the net for trapping ideas but there was NOTHING and you cant buy octos in pet stores over here!!!

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