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Cleaning the OUTside of tank?


Jul 21, 2004
I just finished cleaning all the algae* off the inside walls of my reef, and I
noticed that the outside is also dirty. It is mostly from dust/etc. and
water that ran down the side that was wiped off but didn't fully
evaporate. What I would like to know is- What is the best way to clean
this off?? I would think a damp cloth but that also leaves streaks on the
glass. I am weary of getting any kind of chemicals or cleaners near the
tank but when I see the bottle of Windex it makes me wonder...? What
do you guys think?
Maybe you should try a pure cotton cloth (old,so there's no lint). I'm usually able to get it all off with water.

I think cleaners for the outside of aquarium glass are sold. I checked into that about two years ago.

However, if you HAVE to use something, make sure the tank is covered completely, then, at some distance from the tank, carefully spray the liquid into the cleaning cloth. Don't let spray float around in the air. Clean the glass, and finish with clear water. That should do it.

On any of our open tanks we just use freshwater and lintfree cloth ( you can buy these for spectacles and car windscreens) As Nancy says if you must use a cleaning product (and we do for sticky finger prints) then windowlene (or similar) sprayed onto the cloth away from the tank, try to keep it way from the open edge when you are wiping too.

on all my salt water tanks i use a damp towel then wipe the entire glass. then follow along with a dry towel. that always works for me and i have had my tanks for 2 years now. i guarantee it will work just put some elbow grease into it and be sure to follow up with the dry towel or else more streaks will occur.
good luck let me know how it works out for ya!!
I have some stuff called "safe & easy" aquarium cleaner... It's a spray for the salt deposits on the outside, and you can use it on the inside if the tank is empty... It was 5.69, I think.
At the aquarium we use regular old dish detergent mixed with water, then squeegee it off when it's clean. Drips a little but looks great. :smile:
I too just use water, then wipe off with paper towel. In the past if it was real dirty i would spray windex on a paper towel ( away from the tank) and then wipe it down , staying away from the top of the tank. either have worked for me.

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