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Cleaner Shrimp


Jul 11, 2003
i guess i should have asked this question earlier, but i guess i wasnt thinking right :P .
I have three cleaner shrimp and i was wondering what they eat?
Will they eat fish food?
Should i start feeding more? Are they shy or active?

thanks in advanced

p.s i know im weird and i should have asked this before buying the shrimp :roll:
Hi Rockthis,

Your cleaner shrimp will eat flakes (and can learn to take them from your hand). My cleaner shrimp has thrived on Ocean Nutrition's Formula One. They eat lots of things, including small pieces of seafood. What do your cleaner shrimp look like? They are usually friendly.

However, you now have a problem, since your future octopus likes to eat shrimp! This is why I set up my second tank - for my cleaner shrimp, whom I'd become fond of.

Hi Nancy,

I think they are called skunk cleaner shrimp. They seem to be very shy and all they do is hang around the back.
About the Ocean Nutrition's Formula One do you use this for all of your fish? Maybe i should buy some.
Also, wont the fish eat the flakes before the shrimp can get at them?
awwww now i feel bad. I hope i dont get attached to them :frown: .
Iv got it! Maybe if i ask my octo really nicely it wont eat them! its brilliant!

P.S- if it matters there are three in my tank.

here are some pics of them
hhehe 8) yep you are mistaken!!! :smile:

They are the skunk cleaning shrimp, peppermints have a kinda wavy paisley pattern going on....

once they settle in they will swim all over the tank and clean all over. they will compete with the fish for food and swim to the surface to get food...

That is the same species Nancy has, they are also one of my favourite tank inhabitants :smile:
Hi all,

Here is a pic of Shrimpy eating his favorite way, on Bill's hand. While he eats, he also runs over the hand looking for hairs, hangnails or other places to clean up (a cleaner shrimp's duty!).

He also eats small pieces of seafood and will eat flakes and other things he finds on the rocks.

Give your shrimp some time, Rockthis - Shrimpy hid behind rocks for days before getting the courage to come out, and it took some more time before he would climb on a hand.

Alrighty then. Also, whenever i feed my fish their flake food the shrimp dont eat. They come out from the back and stand on the rocks in plain view but they dont swim. Im sure its nothing but it does make me wonder. (they havnt eaten yet).
Hi Rockthis,

I used to feed my cleaner shrimp with frozen brine shrimp. The moment the brine shrimps hit the water, the cleaner would go totally ballastic! Fun to watch.

thanks. haha i dont want the mollies to eat the brine shrimp. For some reason my cleaner shrimp dont swim (go figure :P ) so i need ther food to frop down to them, and it cant if my mollies eat it before then.

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