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Blue Ring
Jul 21, 2003
I noticed that my recent live rock is contaminated with LOTS of mussels...though i wonder how they survived the shipping :shock:

They´re normal mussels though, no funky colors or shapes. The size is about 2-3 inch and they´re holed throughout one 6-8lbs piece of LR. I count at least 10 pieces and they´re probably more of, in fact does the rock look like some sort of subway system :goofysca:

Are they good or bad for my tank? Is there some inhabitant that feed on them? Will my future octo maybe feed on them? Should i be worried? :bugout:

I kinda like it that my rock is really alive and that lots of stuff thrives in it giving the looong way the rock travelled (even if it turns out to be from the Mediterranean).

There are also lots of those weird looking tiny glass-like crabs that come out only at night in my LR, some 1cm long. I take it that these are good and scavenge dirt?


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