[Featured]: CIAC 2022

Yes! Looks like it's going to be a hybrid conference and if all's good, I'll be there in person:sun:Hopefully you and other peeps in this forum are able to join too?
Hopefully you and other peeps in this forum are able to join too?
I would like that! So it's April 2nd to the 8th, 8am to 7pm Portugal time.... roughly $230 USD. How does it all work for the hybrid event? Is it interactive? Is EVERYTHING broadcast? I'm not sure I can pull it off, since it would involve me taking time off work, which is precious right now... And I guess I'd be setting my alarm for 3am every day... but the immersive cephiness of it definitely has me thinking. I've never been, yet we've had 7 awesome conferences of our own (TONMOCON)... not sure when we'll have our next one.

Low probability, but leaving the option open. Need to give it more thought!
Yes I think all the talks will be broadcast! I went to a virtual conference in September and the online platform allows you to watch multiple live & recorded talks at a time. During breaks we also had the option to do a 5min 'meet-a-friend' thingy which was quite fun. There was a live chat too which was always filled with messages from around the world. We can go to each person's profile to chat with them too. All the talks were also made available for a few months, which I guess should be quite common now for hybrid/virtual conferences, so at least that gives more value to the fees we're paying esp when you don't have time off work.

Not sure how interactive they'll make CIAC be, but my guess is it's not gonna be too different from the above. Being in Aussie the flights are such a pain (and yes the time difference!!), but I guess virtual is better than nothing if I can't make it there. I'm defo drawn in by the cephiness!

Yes! I could almost make it to the last TONMO conference but shit happened! It sounded so fun :'D Always been a dream of mine to meet the ceph community in the US:hugs:
looked AMAZING based on my Twitter feed; at least a few former TONMOCON speakers. Looks like they had a full production crew -- kudos to them for what appears to have been a very successful event. :thumbsup:
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