1. qiazopus

    [Featured]: CIAC 2022

    CIAC 2022 – CEPHALOPODS IN THE ANTHROPOCENE: MULTIPLE CHALLENGES IN A CHANGING OCEAN Yay CIAC2022 website is finally up and open for registration!! Hopefully things will be better by then 🙏 🙏 🙏 Anyone intending to join? :tentacle::vampyro::bluering::tusoteuth
  2. tonmo

    CephsInAction & CIAC Meeting (Heraklion, Crete, 2017)

    Videos posted from the CIAC conference! Curious CEPH
  3. Steve O'Shea

    Palatine tooth talk and ammonites

    Here's a condensed (frame grab) presentation of a powerpoint talk Kat just gave at this year's CIAC conference in Spain. Sorry about the resolution on some of the frames (and it really needs dialogue to go with it). It's just because of the recent interest in ammonite aptychii/jaws/beaks...
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