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Cool poll!

FYI, I'm working on making the homepage poll use ones that are posted somewhere on this board (randomly, perhaps?)... hope to fix this later this week, with some other cool stuff!
I've been finding nautilus items very difficult to track down (been casting around for something nautilan for my dad); anyone else have this problem? The other cephs seem to be much more marketable for some reason - maybe it's harder to put a cute/smiling face on a nautilus than an octo. Go figure. :nautilus:
I think that at least part of the problem is that the public would rather perceive nautiluses as pretty seashells than tentacled beasties. Personally, as much as I love octopuses, I would like to see the other cephalopods more equally represented!
Nautilus items are extremely rare, although I do have a CN finger-puppet produced by Folkmanis Inc. some time ago. They might still manufacture these. :nautilus:

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