Cholla bay, Mexico


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Mar 15, 2003
We are lucky enough to have a house by the northern Gulf of California, and go down there often...of course, the tidal flats are a perfect spot for cephing, and I usually find a half a dozen or so Octopus digueti when I am down there...sorry to report that the last trip yielded some nice views of coral, and a sea-hare, but no cephs...ah well, there is always next week!!!!
Anyway, here are a couple of pics of the animals,etc. we did run across...
Greg the pic with the houses in the backround, all of those brown bumps that look like small rocks are actually Hermit Crabs (by the million) no wonder the octos are happy there!
Great pictures!! The fish looks like some kind of bass or basslet?

Our tidle pools have boring eastern species!!! Nothing like the sea-hare!

Wonder why the hermits pile up like that? King of the Hill???? :mrgreen:

glad you all liked the are a couple more...
Yep, Colin, the green coral is a zooanthid (according to my current book on reef coral id...wait a minute, and I am sure it will change)...and the little basslets are all over the place there!
The poor sea hare was being harrassed by a flock of seagulls ("and I rannnn, I ran so far awwwaaayyy) LOL ) in about a foot and a half of water, hence the purple ink... can you believe how clear that water is?
We are heading back down in July...hopefully some cephs!
Hehe...I never really cared for tecate myself...I like XX much better. I have found O. digueti inside of cans and bottles frequently at low tide...I just checked the tide chart from CEDO, and we will be going down during and extreme tide! Yeeha! This opens up a massive expanse of coral structures, hiding spots, and all kinds of interesting things...look for pics in July!
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