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O. bimaculoides
Jul 11, 2006
Hi, I am planning on keeping a bimac in the future. My tank is in the basement and the reading on my tank thermometer is 70 degrees. That is with no chiller. Is that in the acceptable range? If it is, do you think it would be ok to go on without a chiller? I really don't know if the temperature in the basement will vary. You see my parents are buying the chiller and I really don't want them to spend three to four hundred dollars if I can get by without one. Thanks, KDS
You don't say where you live and whether your home is air conditioned in summer, or whether you live in a cooler area of the country. This would make a difference in your summer tank temmperature.

It would be OK to keep a bimac at 70 degrees, but if the temperature starts to climb in the summer, you're going to need a chiller.

It might be more fun to keep your bimac in the house, near people, and our bimac might enjoy the company, too. In that case you'd probably need the chiller.

Thanks for the speedy reply. We just moved to Ohio and it is REALLY cold. I am assuming we will air condition the house in the summer, but then again I have never lived up north before. Even with the house air conditioned, do you think that would be too warm for the bimac? As for the tank being in the upper room, I would love that, but Dad likes it better down stairs.
One thing to consider even with your current 70 deg temp is to be sure this is the temperature in the tank will maintain at 70 when fully closed up with all your lighting and pumps operational (i.e. equipment adds heat and closing it up will retain a lot of it). Also, if you are just beginning to cycle the tank (vs it is now fully cycled and ready for an octopus) you will have three or four (the longer the better) to see how the warmer spring temperatures effect it.

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