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Cheap Fiddler Crab

$4 ?thats extortion!!!!! I sell them for 50 cents a piece..... ( but i get them from a good friend who runs a bait and tackle shop )
Spence24;107087 said:
Ya, I love how a pet store charges 4 dollar's for a single crab. I would probably die if it wasn't for acs.

Because thats the price they have determined that they need to sell them at to make a profit. :biggrin2:
Depends on the source. Locally, if you pick up fiddlers at a wholesaler, they sell for about a dollar. If you have them delivered it costs more. So, 4 may be a little high, but not to bad considering the overhead that comes with a live animal to the public business.
I guess if your only buying one as a pet, my sister keeps one in a gallon tank on her nightstand, it would be o.k. to par 4 dollar's a crab... but when you need 4-10 or even more a month you have to either go strait to the source or find someone that doesn't have such a high overhead.
wow! you guys are getting raped on Fiddlers, lmao I bring them in to my store in the 100 lots at 0.04 cents each dime size! give or take a few cents per order. maybe i should be shipping these out to all of you, lmao you could make me rich. LMAO

Unfortunately, shipping to and from Canada is not likely to have high survival rates because of Customs. However, we often get requests from people in Canada looking for a food source and you would be doing them a huge favor by listing yourself as a supplier!

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