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Cephalopod Disposal


Sepia elegans
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Feb 1, 2007
Des Moines, Iowa
This thought never crossed my mind in the hobby industry and I am not sure if it is a huge deal but...

How does everyone dispose of their cephalopods once they expire?

Obviously, biohazard pickup is out of the question but does anyone freeze their cephalopod before disposing of it.

Well, I can answer your question because it's something I've been tracking for a long time.

Most people do freeze their octopuses before disposing of the bodies - Carol (corw314) has some stories to tell!

Because most people are attached to their pet octopuses, few just throw them in the trash. Some are buried in the garden, sometimes with some shells or a feeding stick. Others are returned to the sea.

Ceph keepers, especially octopus keepers, usually hang on to some momento, like a favorite toy or shell.

:welcome: Big Fish, although this is a sort of morbid topic for a first post... what kind of ceph were you keeping?
Trapper (my first octopus) and the one fry from her small hatching that did not survive were put in formaline and sent to young people. The fry was a big hit as a show and tell for a forth grader's report and Trapper delighted a very young enthusiast who keeps her in his ceph decorated bedroom. I have lost two other that were with me only two weeks and Davy Jones claimed them via the sewer system.

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