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Ceph Tank Owners Database -- REBORN!


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May 30, 2000
Ok, give me a day or so... but things are looking real good -- thanks to the help of the person who originally developed the application -- farfip -- he came back to help me get over the hump of a defect... took him 15 minutes to figure out something I had spent 8+ hours trying to debug in vain!

So thanks once again to farfip. Stand by for its launch. I'll come back and edit this post with the link when ready.

2/25/2010 EDIT:
The OCTO Database is currently offline. We'll announce its return when it... returns. :roll:
Ok, let's give it a shot here. See seed post for link. May need to shake out some issues, so I appreciate the patience of the "early adopters". :smile:

Please post any details you can offer on your experience with bugs, issues, or any other strangeness or input. Thanks!

When this settles I'll add it to navigation and will provide status on homepage.
Tony, I have some input:

What if next to every equipment checkbox there was a space to type in make/model? When I was first researching setting up a tank, that's what I was interested in was seeing some big raw numbers on who's using what. Maybe a space for what salt people are using and a whole sump subset: how big sump/'fuge, overflow type/brand, return pump make/model, flow in gph. Maybe even next to each equipment line a 3 choice pulldown, would recommend, neutral, would not recommend.

How many lbs of live rock? The database can really be powerful. I hope I'm not looking the gift-horse in the mouth with this, but I think it would make the system really useful.

Thanks for the input Dan -- I think it's a great suggestion -- but I should set expectations that database-related changes of that kind are going to be difficult for me to deliver on -- I can try, but I'm going to have to choose my battles. In the meantime I've changed copy around the Tank Description field to prompt the tank owner to provide specifics on tank equipment -- that should help a bit... please do keep any and all input coming on this -- thanks -
Hey tony, it works well - no problems. Would it be possible to perhaps have a photo to go with each tank? A pictures worth a thous.... ect. :biggrin2:

Just thought if I was gonna set up a tank based on someone elses, I would probably want choose one that looked like my cup of tea.
Perhaps even more photos, one for the tank and one for the sump or something. And maybe another for a pic of the ceph?

Did there used to be an old tank database? I vaguely remember browsing through peoples setups. Not sure tho,

Anyways, good work Tony!
Yes -- there was an old Tank DB -- it's pretty much the same as this one -- however, I am not able to port that data to this DB (it's too old anyhow -- who knows where those tanks are now!)

YES -- photos are supported! Someone just needs to upload a pic of their tank.

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