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caulerpa, where do i get it?

i got crabs

May 19, 2005
exactly what i said. I cnat find any caulerpa at my lps and would apreciate it if any1 new of a good inexpensive online retailer. also suggestions on how much and basic care would also b apreciated. :mrgreen:
no one knows where to get caulerpa? would any 1 want to sell me some cut off cheap? i did find a few online retailers but there flat shipping rate is more than the cost of the plant.
Do you have a local reef club or the like? We usually give it away here...

:lol: thanu all for the advice. actually this lfs in union just got some in and they sold it to me for about 8$ a lb. he said all i have to do is plant it and keep the light on it for about 12 hrs. is this correct? any other sugestions. and no i dont belong to any reef clubs but if ant 1 wants to give anything away to me for free ill give u all hugs!!!
12-14 hours of good light exposure will give you a lot of growth in short order!!! Be sure to trim it back from time to time ...
thanxs 4 da advice. as for right now i got it settled onto the rocks with the exception of a few smaller pcs that keep floatin away. ill let u know how it all goes. btw it was all curled up at the store and as of this morning most of the (leaves?) have un curled into little disks so i gues so far so good

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