cartoon octopus sightings

Does your sig say discus at the end for a reason? Is it a discus enthusiast pun? I know they're fragile and super, but I don't think they come from Cali.... :bonk:

I love the "bonk" smiley. I want to marry it.
Well personally I don't like discus, I prefer arowana. I just copied and pasted the whole thing from some site so ask them why they spelt it wrongly.
Archeopterix said:
We forgot Squidward! :shock:

Yea verily, we shall never forget Squidward! In fact, I believe the very first thing I posted to this site (about two years ago) was a question about what kind of Cephalopod has six legs and plays the clarinet badly?

PS: Great graphic!

:spongebo: Addict
(Tony, how come we don't have a Squidward emoticon?) :cry:
How could we have forgotten our dear beloved Squidward :roll: . Well maybe he ate his own arms due to the stress :spongebo: and Patrick are giving him :wink: .

Well which part of capture are you refering to Archie?
what we really need is a patrick (from spongebob anime) avatar that bump's into a wall repeatedly (since patrick is very... well challenged, persay), maybe it could mean (clumsy or foolish) but in a good way of course.
oh, where's the gary (spongebob's pet snail) avatar?
o.vulgaris said:
what we really need is a patrick (from spongebob anime) avatar...

Oh, yeah. How could we not have a Patrick smiley? Can't be too hard to draw that guy :wink: . If one doesn't show up by Sunday, I'll have at least a crude one ready. (whether Tony cares to add it or not)

o.vulgaris said:
...that bump's into a wall repeatedly

That'd be a little tough to do. Hilarious, though.
in response to the overload of spongebob related requests for smilies, id like to request peter lorre and kirk douglas smilies.....

come on.... we can express ourselves quite thoroughly with the english language (maybe better than any other language) thus negating any need for asinine doodles....

just my :twocents:

WK, I don't think there would be anything inappropriate about another SBSP emoticon, since the show is majorly TONMOesque.

I don't think we really need Mr. Krabs or Gary or the jellyfish. However, PATRICK would complete the trio quite nicely, plus we could use him very effectively whenever someone posts something incredibly stoopit (with affection, of course :biggrin2: )

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