cartoon octopus sightings

joel_ang said:
Well, over here in S E Asia, squid and cuttles are regarded as more or less the same thing. I don't know why but they don't seem to tell the difference :evil:

It's always surprised me that in the cultures where Cephs are most commonly present (Asian and Polynesian), they seem to make the least amount of linguistic distinction between the various species. But this happens in many cultures with many kinds of animals -- I guess that's why scientific names of species were invented :smile:

I think both jellyfish and Vegemite taste good :wink:

Anyway, I was watchin Tom and Jerry a couple of hours ago and there was this episode where Tom was having a dream ( while drowning). Tom was chasing Jerry who had become a mermouse and an octopus grabbed him.

Well thats my dumb cartoon octopus sighting. :smile:
joel_ang said:
I think both jellyfish and Vegemite taste good :wink:

Joel, I'm with you, but not really on the vegemite, it's too salty, but goes well on celery (in small doses). I like jellies, but I don't want to eat a whole one? a whole serving? an entire order? by myself.

Do octos eat jellies? I suppose that's a question for the cephkeepers. In another thread, a sort of anemone pest was mentioned as shrimp food, which in turn became octopus food.

I doubt they would eat jellies.I mean their skin isn't tough and looks pretty stingable. A bit of vegemite on toast and wheat crackers are nice.
:shock: :shock: :shock: I did not mean the both of them together, seperately, on their own. :wink:

joel_ang wrote:
A bit of vegemite on toast and wheat crackers are nice.

For Octopuses?

Hardy har har....( there should be a sarcasm smiley :wink: )

How did we get onto the topic of vegemite and jellyfish. We all have short attention spans eh?
joel_ang said:
No offence Vegemite but songs like that are extremely annoying,
especially when sung in pitch. :evil:

*reads joel_ang's post* *reads the signature* *reads the post again* *doesn't see the irony* *looks out the window, trying not to think about annoyingly Pitched songs* :bonk: *gives up* :grad: Ooooooooh Supercalafragileisticexpialidocius, even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious, if you say it LOUD enough you're bound to sound precoucious, Supercalafragileisticexpialidocius!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen: :heee: 8)

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