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Mar 4, 2006
I don't believe that there is a forum on procedure here, so I figure I would just use this forum to make this thread in response to this thread so that the thread doesn't get any more off track.

Personally I am dyslexic, as a general rule people who have reading disabilities read wordsnot only by the letters, but by the shapes, if you write in all caps it takes me about three to four times as long to read. I mentioned that Capslock is an annoyance, and then I answered the question, I didn't give a long answer because I was annoyed, but I still bothered to answer the question because the poster deserved an answer. My admonition was ignored and the next post was in CAPS. The thread was not a forums 101 thread, but no one should write posts with out being at least slightly familiar with basic forum standards of practise.

I used to moderate a forum on gardening, and if someone did something annoying and inconsiderate like posting in caps and were then told about it and continued to be annoying on principle they would be banned. I can totally understand if you have trouble spelling, or have sticky key or don't know english very well, so long as your post is readable I'm okay with it, but caps lock is a choice you make, and if you make the choice to be rude to me and everyone here and degrade this forum you don't have the right to get angry over a reply that hasn't had the sharp edges padded.

Edit: The thread was wrong before I posted an answer to the question posed.
are you done yet? did you get it all out.... the way you handled that situation and blew it up as big as you did not only did you throw this whole site out of wack for a minute but to some people im sure they look at your differently now. it was only (1) sentence in caps and its the first time ive ever done it. what are you a new sheriff in town? get a life, understand people, and most importantly with this being a key word THINK before you stray away from common decency!
Who was that comment aimed at Nickcoletti? I only put up two short sentinces and a picture to deal with your four sentences (in two posts) in Caps, I don't know what you are talking about with one sentence. As for common decency, I would immagine that part of common decency would be appologizing for making a post on purpose in a way that makes it difficult for people to read, personally I get a headache after reading caps for long enought. Also, this forum is not thrown out of whack, and I don't care if anyone thinks less of me for being offended at some one being inconsiderate of people with disablilities.

Edit: My first comment was to the third post you made in the third thread where you used caps exclusively; My second comment was in responce to another caps lock post after you had been made aware of the fact that caps are an annoyance. To date you have made 5 posts in caps, at least one purpose (although that one started out not in caps, and one that you made 4 weeks ago did include an appology, that was in caps still for some reason).
I think it's time to close this discussion and get back to ceph topics.
I'm going to lock the thread.

Not open for further replies.
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