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can't get my octo to eat snails?


Feb 2, 2008
my octo used to love snails and thats what i fed him for about 5 days when i got him and then i tried giving him a fiddler and he took it but now i tried feed him a snail again but he wont take it. he just pushes it away. any reason why he's doing this? i gave him the fiddler yesterday. is the problem that he might be full?
I don't remember the details, but I think when octopets was in business, they suggested that the preferred foods for bimacs changed with age... they liked clams when very small, but not as they grew. It's not too uncommon for the food that growing octos and cuttles are willing to accept changes every few weeks as they grow, particularly when they're very young, but I know yours is big enough that it's probably past that stage.

yeah but the only reason i'm concerned is because he loved snails just a few days ago and i'm out of fiddlers so i have nothing to feed him. will he eat the snails in the tank if he gets hungry because if he's going to starve i'll go get some strawberry crabs at my lfs until my order of fiddlers comes in.

if i ordered fiddlers from the aquaculture store yesterday how long will it take them to come?

i tried but he usually spits that out too. i just got him to eat a big hermit crab so he should be ok for a little while. i think i just have a very picky octo lol

thanks for the help though
just since no one's said it, check your water params if you haven't already, since loss of appetite can sometimes be a sign that the filtration's having trouble. But it sounds like it's more of a "fickle" than sickly sort of thing.

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