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cant find fiddlers

Nov 1, 2006
b/c of colder weather apparently, none of the bait shops around here have fiddler crabs and schlemm cant cant shrimp or fish. ive been giving him thawed shrimp but he eats sort of randomly and i cant come and feed him as often as he sometimes eats b/c i have class and the freezer is in another building. its only gonna be a problem for 2 more weeks until i get him home but does anyone know a place that has fiddlers currently, like online or something, and that isnt horridly expensive??
I have found that some of my octopuses do well on a clams that can be found live at times in the seafood section in grocery stores. I would quarantine them for a little while first, however. If the clams have been closed up and/or out of water for a while, they can sudden open up in your tank and dump out a lot of ammonia that they have been saving up, so have them open up in a small quarantine tank first. Some thin-shelled clams work well like Nuttallia obscurata (marketed as savory clams or purple varnish clams), manila clams, or Protothaca staminea (Pacific littlenecks), Other clams however, like Mercenaria, or Astarte (Mahogany clams) with thick shells I often have to break open for the octopuses to accept them. I hope that helps, but I also know alot of octo's won't accept clams. Good luck.
Both Spike and Biddle are eating scallops, fresh but frozen by me as well as jumbo shrimp, same deal. They are also eating mussels, clams and crabs, plus the frozen prawn you can buy at petstores. Good luck!
Many of us have ordered from the aquaculture store. This is a family run business and I always liked ordering from them.

Why don't you try one order and see how he likes the fiddlers.

Octopuses can be picky eaters, preferring crabs above all else. Some will only eat live food. But most will accept a combination of live and frozen.


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