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Can you have more than one cuttle?


Apr 18, 2004
until recently i was under the impression that a cuttlefish had to be kept alone in a species tank. However, upon reading the cuttlefish husbandry article by James Wood for approximately the 500th time i noted that in the final part he says cuttlefish which are raised together from an early age should be fine in an aquarium as long as they are kept fed. What has your experience been? Any comments?
Yes 2 (preferably more) can be kept in the same tank, a large tank must be used but this is relative to the species size. Fights might not be uncommon as they will set up their own territory and fight for a mate.
well, in a big pond they might be compatable but in a tank... it ends in tears :cry:

i grew seven up from babies and lost two to cannabalism
how large was the tank? or doesnt it make much difference? what type of cuttle - i have just seen footage of about 8 cuttles being kept together on an extremely dodgy video i got from the library.

Also, do you know much about sepia mestus? sorry to keep asking but it is looking likely that this is the most viable species for me to keep and i cant find any info.

I have reserved the australasian guide to cephs by Mark Norman so we'll see how i go with that!!!
that was in a 200 gal tank... approx 72" long by 24" tall and 30" front to back with a sump... and an aquamedic 5000 skimmer (very very needed!!! check out the size of that skimmer to maintain water quality!)

Sorry, no experience with mestus, there are hardly any aussie animals that make it to the pet trade :frown:
what tank rating was on the skimmer!!! 100000 gallons???!!! lol
though it sound like it was a good investment!!!

its a shame that australian marine animals dont make it to other countries! there are some great ones!!

also ive noticed that the ones which do make it (blue spot ray for eg) are highly overpriced! Here they cost around 60 Aussie dollars and in america for example - around 180 on some sites!!! i guess shipping rays is tough though!! :shock:

It looks as though i will be able to get a few mestus of a local trawler!! :heee: if all goes well and you are interested, you might land yourself a few!! :? but i have no idea of postage!! eggs perhaps?

thanks collin
If i'm not wrong the rays cost anywhere from s$45 - 80 here. I don't know if they'll survive the trip but Sepia pharaonis are bred commercially in thailand and they're also found in Austrailian waters.

You could try getting cutlles form Indonesia or around the area, thats where righty got his cuttles from. If they ship to the US I'm sure Australia won't be too hard.
There's a supplier who can get cuttles about once a week, im not sure if he ships overseas and he doesn't have website.

Maybe you could go check with local fishermen / mongers if they can help you get a small live cuttle?
yeah i sent 12 emails and have secured a source with a local prawn trawler!!! lucky i guess

she is quite sure they get both latimanus, mestus, and mourning cuttles so i can take my pick!!! (mestus...mestus!!!)

she also said i can get live prawns when i need them - the small ones they dont use!! - im getting some good contacts just through a few emails!!!
Righty is a regular here but i think i am right in saying that he has all of his seperate unless breeding
ot would be best to seperate them, as you know two of Colin's cuttles were lost to cannibalism (right?). And for me I lost one shortly after a fight.
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